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CloudCall Chrome Extension

Now you can make calls from any webpage with a simple click. No more copying and pasting into your CRM or softphone. The CloudCall Chrome Extension simplifies your connectivity by directly linking webpages to your phone and CRM system - syncing all of your calls and notes automatically.

Watch Video


Ability to click on any phone number on any webpage to initiate a call

Record and Playback Calls

Listen to all of your call recording from your call history in the Chrome extension

Automatic CRM Sync

All of your calls, notes, and recordings will automatically update your CRM records in the background

This is going to change the way we handle all our phone calls within the company.”
FuelledUK Ltd

What can you do with CloudCall Chrome?

Inbound Screen Popping

get pop-up alerts for inbound calls through the Chrome extension, no need to go into your CRM to answer the call.

Call Notes and Follow Up

As you take call notes in the Chrome extension and create follow up tasks for future calls, your activity is logged in your CRM system.

Call Notes

Take call notes, log and categorize calls. These activities will be stored in your Chrome call history.

Call Reporting and Analytics

In-depth reporting on call activity by sales rep, including call duration and number of calls made.

View Your Team's Call Availability in One Place

CloudCall Chrome's team tab lets you view all of your team members and their presence (available, busy, away or unavailable).